Donors Speak Out for the BCSA

There have been over 1,065 scholarships presented since 1963. Many of those very recipients have donated to the BCSA and continue to support it today. Here are a few of those donors and what they have to say about the BCSA.

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Dr. Daryl R. Younker

BCSA Scholarship Recipient - 1963 (1 of 2 Inaugural Recipients)

"I'm enclosing my annual check for $1,000 in support of the Dr. Daryl Younker Scholarship. It's hard to believe it's been 55 years since Virginia Wassmann and I were the first two recipients of a Beecher Community Scholarship. Time has flown by too fast. Just as the community of Beecher pooled their money years ago to help two of us make our way through college, it is my pleasure to donate to the fund that helps many Beecher graduates do the same. My best wishes to you in your fundraising."


Jim Morgan, '79

BCSA Scholarship Recipient - 1979

"Receiving the Beecher Scholarship was gift of both financial and inspirational proportions. I not only had the financial wherewithal to attend college, I felt like the whole town was behind me. I am truly grateful for the generosity bestowed upon me, and since graduating from college, I have always contributed to this fine cause."


Greg M. Ohlendorf, '81

President & CEO
First Community Bank and Trust

BCSA Scholarship Recipient - 1981

"Way back in 1981, I was fortunate to receive a Beecher Community Scholarship which helped me to pay for a portion of my college education. College was expensive and the support of the scholarship association was greatly appreciated. Today, I am able to "give back" by making an annual donation to the fund so deserving students can continue to benefit from a Beecher Community Scholarship."


Dr. Christine Coats, DDS and Mr. Brad Coats

Coats Dental

We both grew up in small towns and understand the importance that a community plays in the success of its young people. All the people in town play a role in the development of its youth, through the giving of their time, their talents and their financial resources. They also lead by their examples of generosity and support of their community. Through the encouragement and backing of many local businesses, we both benefit by receiving scholarships and opportunities that allowed us to go to school and do things that we might not otherwise have been able to achieve.

The Beecher Community Scholarship Association allows us a way to pass that opportunity along to someone else. While we didn't get scholarships from Beecher, someone in our hometowns took it upon themselves to give a scholarship and we were the beneficiaries of that generosity. We understand that these kinds of gifts are what make small towns special and unique and we hope someday each of these graduates will be in a position that they can "pay it forward" with a scholarship to someone else down the road. To all of the graduates from BHS, we say congratulations and good luck in college and life.


Sherrill Lehman

Beecher School District School Bus Driver

"For over 20 years I have driven a school bus for the Beecher School District. I have seen many children grow up. The seniors of 2011 were in kindergarten when I started driving for the district. What a better way to help them out indirectly with their continuation of their education. Continuing your education is so very important in this day and time and every little bit helps. What a better way to help the students of Beecher accomplish their future!!!!!"