BCSA Board of Officers and Members

President: Christine Coats
Treasurer: Doug Short
Secretary: Karen Secrementi
Beecher Education Foundation: Ed Houlihan
Local Businessman: Greg Ohlendorf
Beecher AmvetsPost: Lawrence Sanders
Beecher Village: Frank Basile

Fundraising Co-Chairpersons

Vicki Jacobson and Laurie Schoenbeck are the leaders of the yearly fundraising drive. They can be reached by contacting them at (708) 946-2246.

Contact Us

You may reach us phone by calling the Beecher School District at:

(708) 946-2266

You may reach us by email at:


You may reach us by mail at:

Beecher Community Scholarship Association
538 Miller Street • P.O. Box 338 • Beecher, IL 60401