About BCSA Information

The Executive Board of Officers conducts the business of the Association two times during each fiscal year. The first meeting of the year is in January, and the purpose of the meeting is to review the bylaws of the association, review and determine the selection process, and to kick off the fund drive of the association.

The second meeting of the year is held in May for the purpose of awarding scholarships to the graduating members of Beecher High School who meet the criteria set in the bylaws. The scholarships are organized into specific scholarships by name and general scholarships from the association.

The Executive Board of Officers appeal to your generosity once again. With the rising cost of post-secondary education, the students of our community need your support. Would you entertain the thought of donating to this worthy cause? Any donation, be it large or small, has the potential to have a life-changing impact as you invest in the most important asset a person can have – continued education and learning. Your tax-deductible contribution will be awarded at graduation each year.

BCSA History

The purpose of the BCSA, a current Dollars for Scholars chapter, is to provide funding, without regard to race, creed, color, gender, or national origin, and to expand access to higher education by assisting students with the costs of college.

The BCSA was created in 1963 with the intent of the community members of Beecher to facilitate and encourage a pathway to college for the graduates of Beecher High School. From the very first scholarship granted by the association to the most recent, the community members and generous donors of Beecher, both businesses and individuals, have funded 929 students and helped them toward their goal of graduating from college. To this point, the Scholarship Association has invested $676,750 in Beecher Community’s students.